How can you see everybody's availability on one page?
asked Jan 5, 2018 in Zip Schedules by anonymous
We are trying to figure out a way to see everyone's availability on one page instead of having to go to each employee individually and looking at it that way. That takes up a lot of time. Is there something that I am missing? Is this in the works of being added on? Or is there another app that we can add to ZIP Schedules to do this for us?
Thank you!

1 Answer

answered Jan 5, 2018 by mtraino (540 points)
At this time there is not a way to see all employees availability at the same time. You are able to click on each employee availability through the employee tab. Also when you are creating a schedule the employees availability for that day of the week is shown on the top left corner of the pop up box you use to put a shift in. Your suggestion has been taken into consideration for a future update to Zip Schedules.
commented Jan 26, 2018 by Kevin B
I second this request . You already have day off listed on the schedule, why not NOT AVAILABLE? It seems like it would be a very simple amount of code.
 If you are dealing with multiple students with varying schedules, it makes hard to schedule at a glance to see if they are available or not.